Chris Fornesa

Who I Am:


I am Chris Fornesa: creative, artist, activist, advocate, and student.

The best thing I can do is the most with my abilities. I am an asset to my work and a dedicated student. As an artist, I am carefully creative and, as a person, I am completely passionate.

I am the right person to hire if you want controlled creativity, a quiet space and, at the same time, bold innovation and understanding.

Stafford, TX

(832) 513-5219

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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, May 2018. University of Houston. Houston, TX.

  • Minors: Studio Art, Political Science, and Business Foundations.
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate (6 credits).
  • Dean’s List: Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, and Spring 2018.
  • GPA: 4.00. Graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • Golden Key Honour Society, January 2018

Level I Certificate (12 credits) ‐ Digital Communication, Web Publishing specialization, May 2016. Houston Community College ‐ Southwest. Stafford, TX.

  • Dean's List: Spring 2016.
  • 4.00 GPA.
  • 3.949 GPA (overall HCC).

Associate of Arts - Liberal Arts, May 2015. Houston Community College ‐ Southwest. Stafford, TX.

  • Dean's List: Spring 2014, Spring, Spring 2016.
  • 4.00 GPA. Graduated with highest honors.
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars, March 2015.
  • Phi Theta Kappa, November 2013.

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Creative Experience

Creative Hope Creative Showcase Logo and Advertisement designer. September 20, 2017.

  • As a collaborative showcase of artists, we raised over $180 in on-site donations for our neighbors in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Finalist to present my "Intelimini" product idea ‐ HCC IDEAS Pitch Competition, Houston Maker Faire. Houston, TX. November 2016.

  • A selection of 20 individuals with ideas for inventions were chosen to present their ideas at the Houston Maker Faire via the HCC IDEAS Pitch Competition.

President and Resident Artist, Psi Kappa (Psychology Club) at Houston Community College, Stafford, TX, September 2013 ‐ May 2015.

  • I created posters for the advertisement of events and general public awareness posters that help raise hundreds of dollars via bake sales and donation drives for reputable organizations such as the Autism Society and the Houston Food Bank amongst others.

"Best of Show Award" ‐ at the Spring 2015 Level II Juried Exhibition, Juried by Valerie Milo, Houston Community College ‐ Southwest in Stafford, TX, May 2015.

  • Among the sixteen HCC students that were selected to take part in the Level II Juried Exhibition, Valerie Milo selected my piece, "Figured Out".

Outstanding Art Student Award ‐ Fine Arts Department, Houston Community College - Southwest in Stafford, TX, April 2015.

  • Each year, a student who has developed their style and has shown a consistently strong work ethic throughout their time at HCC ‐ Southwest is selected for the "Outstanding Art Student Award" by the Art Department at HCC ‐ Southwest.

Individual Student Portfolio Review and Critique selected $300 award winner ‐ Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Consortium 2015 Art Jam, Houston Community College ‐ Southwest in Stafford, TX, April 2015.

  • Among at least 20 students from community colleges and junior colleges throughout the Houston area, my portfolio of three works were selected for this award.

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Other Experience

Nighttime Unit Secretary at Atrium Medical Center, Stafford, TX, September 2015 ‐ January 2016.

  • In this position, I organized patient charts and records and answer patient calls on an as-needed basis.
  • I also filed paperwork and translated doctors' orders into prescriptions and recommendations that were implemented by nurses and patient care assistants.
  • Occassionally, I would aid nurses and patient care assistants with appropriating their tasks during our twelve‐hour night shifts, as well as gather patient care supplies from the procurement office as-needed.

President and Resident Artist at the Psi Kappa (Psychology Club) student organization at Houston Community College ‐ Southwest, Stafford, TX, August 2014 ‐ May 2015.

  • As President, I helped plan and participated in events for causes relevant to our campus community.
  • As the Resident Artist, I also engaged in revenue‐creating activites by hand‐crafting advertising posters tailored to each cause.

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My Skills

Technical Skills in Art and Design:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • Web Design and Website Creation (HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript)
  • Digital Media
  • Traditional Art Media and Commissions

Technical Skills in Business:

  • Value-acquisition
  • Product ideation
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • General business analysis

General Technical Skills:

  • Blogging
  • Basic statistical data analysis
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods

Proficient Art Media:

  • Fundamental and Observational Drawing
  • Fundamental and Intermediate Painting
  • Ceramic
  • Two-dimensional design
  • Mixed Media
  • Recycled Materials
  • Life Drawing

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Instagram #art

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My Story

My name is Chris Fornesa, and this is my story.

I was born queer and autistic in an immigrant family from the Philippines in Anaheim, CA.

At this point, for most of my life, I had no knowledge of who I was and only in recent years have I understood the concept of who I really am. While I am a fan of embracing my identity and I resonate with many of those who subscribe to so-called "identity politics", I understand that I am simply myself at the end of the day, regardless of what I identity as or who I identify with.

Life hasn't been easy for me, despite how deceiving looks can be. For a while now, my family has had to battle with low-income, ill-health and, now, eviction. But whatever more life chooses to throw at me, I believe that I will eventually prevail, even if I fall at times.

The best part of my being is not my so-called "talent", intellect, or stamina but, rather, my resilience. No matter how my experience compares to that of others, I am, no doubt, clearly a resilient person. With this resilience comes hard-headedness and strict convictions that also form a part of who I am as a person. In fact, my resilience is a manifestation of my personhood and who I am and will become as a person.

So though I may wear many hats: creative, artist, advocate, activist, student, and individual, I understand that my life is not just mine but does, indeed, have a purpose. So what is the purpose of life, for both me and you? To find out. And, indeed, we will.

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Get In Touch

Feel free to get in touch with me for any collaboration ideas, opportunities, or other subjects! I will respond to you within the next week.


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