The Work Of Chris Fornesa

I'm a believer in hope, a visionary at work, a thinker in the arts, I am myself and the conglomeration of my triumphs. And to a varying degree, this shows up in my work.

Hello, my name is Christopher Sugatan Fornesa and this is a digital archive of my work. So what do I mean by my work? I mean the internal exploration of my psyche that may be sparked by a single idea. The simple manner by which I enjoy the expression of my beliefs. However I may embrace my creative energy at the present moment for my own appreciation, and those of others', in the future. The truth is that my existence and the experience derivative of such an existence is what gives energy to my work.

The Story Of Chris Fornesa: My Story

A somewhat abstracted but artistic image of Christopher Fornesa superimposed on a playful grayscale background composed of various lines.

What makes my experience unique is the plethora of identities that I claim. I am an artist. I am gay. I am autistic. I am Pinoy. I am an American. But in every way I am a creative no matter what as, simply, I am myself. While I have specialized in painting and drawing, I am looking to expand in other media, notably in graphic and web design. My goals are due to the struggles that I've faced thus far in my life and while many only see these struggles as suffering, ultimately, I immerse myself in those strong emotions to allow the healing process to start. In a sense, when I make art, write, explore my own psyche or delve in any other creative endeavor, I am simply healing myself. But most of all, I see my narrative as one that's simply part of the human experience. However, I feel as if I can make my contribution to society through the manifestation of my skills and abilities.

A figurative image drawn by Chris Fornesa with two eyes belonging to the artist in a variety of settings, including: a fire, a cracked wall, and rubble.  This was done as a soulful drawing with more intent on the creative process rather than thought and aesthetic meaning.

However, as a human being and especially one with creative tendencies, I do have reservations and fears when it comes to what my future holds. But the hope I have and the strength I gain every single day that I struggle will ultimately result in a bright future. I still feel the pain, ast times, that I've had to endure for years of either hiding, denial, or facing my own ignorance and that of others. This pain only strengthens me these days and allows me to channel into my soul and funnel the energy I receive into creative means. This is why I have the passion that I have for making art, for writing, for my education, for advocacy, and for my other future goals. I choose to face my fears head-on because I find this act, while insignificant on the global scale, to be significant for being the hero that I've always wanted to be. By keep a strong sense of integrity and the courage to continue on, I know that not only will my future remain bright, but I will also hopefully lead others to making better choices with their lives as well!


Many of my projects are creative challenges that I've chosen to undertake in order to stretch the boundaries on my art.

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I have a varied online presence that reflects on my own life in the span of interests that I choose to engage in online.

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The achievements, awards, and accomplishments I've made are listed in my resume and cover an array of bases and fields.

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